Performance Evaluation

receive performance evaluation 800x800 300x220 Performance EvaluationIt’s always struck us as a strange and amazing fact that a high percentage of managers and professionals receive direct and substantive feedback only once a year. That time, of course, is the company-mandated annual performance appraisal and pay review. Paradoxically, it’s the precise time people are most likely to resist learning.

Anchoring (2)

anchoring 300x292 Anchoring (2)Even reestablishing confidence in former skills, like the aforementioned temporarily over decisive executive did, can simultaneously accomplish these four milestone conditions.

How to Attract Women Shopping at Your Online Stores?

22 11 j How to Attract Women Shopping at Your Online Stores?Research shows that shopping can make people especially women take off negative thing (bad mood). That’s why women really love shopping. They don’t mind spend hundreds dollar to buy things they want. If you are an online store owner, you should take advantage of it. How?

Working Outdoor

8 forestry worker Working OutdoorFor people who prefer working outdoor, spending time in the office is certainly very boring. They never dream to do it. Then, when they get an outdoor job, they are happy and enjoy it so much. If you’re a person with this type too, thank God if you get a job that you dream. When working outdoor never forget these things:


investing anchoring 251x300 Anchoring After an individual makes a mind-set-changing orientational shift, that shift needs some rooting for durability. And nothing roots a newly acquired orientation like success and feelings of empowerment.