What Forgiveness Is

forgiveness9 300x225 What Forgiveness Is  Forgiveness is:

• Forgiveness is for you and not for your partner.

• Forgiveness is taking back your power from getting wounded.

• Forgiveness is taking responsibility for how you really feel now.

• Forgiveness is about your healing and not about your partner’s action.

• Forgiveness can be a trainable skill, just like understanding to throw a baseball.

• Forgiveness assists you get manage more than your feelings these days.

• Forgiveness can strengthen your mental and physical wellness.

• Forgiveness is becoming a hero as an alternative to a victim inside the story you tell about what occurred.

• Forgiveness is really a selection you make.

• Everyone can find out to forgive.

• Forgiveness is about these days and not yesterday.

• Forgiveness is producing peace after you didn’t get what you wanted.

• Forgiveness is acknowledging the hurt.

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