A Story about Forgiveness Part (3)

forgiveness6 A Story about Forgiveness Part (3)  Kathy was furious with Billy for his years of alcohol abuse, and for the initial 3 sessions she angrily described to me how awful their life had been for the duration of his drinking years. She filled the space with complaints about his parenting and his irresponsible behavior.

Billy apologized for his poor behavior, but his belated regret was not adequate for Kathy. Billy wasn’t a negative man; he was certainly one of the thousands of males who returned from the Vietnam War with emotional complications so poor that it took alcohol to numb them. Like quite a few vets, he by no means learned coping mechanisms to assist him cope with the horrendous experiences he’d had in Vietnam.

When he wasn’t drinking, Billy was a good-natured and well-liked man who kept a job regardless of how poor he felt. There was affection inside the marriage: Kathy saw her husband’s very good points, and he believed the globe of her. Nonetheless, when I asked her, “What will it take for you to forgive him?” her response was, “Never. What he did was unforgivable.”

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